Land Preservation Project
A Project of Woman, Earth & Spirit, Inc

Lesbian / Women’s Land Preservation Project (LLPP)

Sponsored by Woman, Earth & Spirit, Inc ~ FIN 36-450-7584 ~ donations tax-deductible 

Jae Haggard, Outland NM ~ Administrator

Reitha Jacobs, Laughing Waters MO ~ Coordinator

Gail Dunlap, Wiseheart Farm OH ~ Advisor

PO Box 130

Serafina, Nm 87569
575-421-2533 ~ office
480-745-6608 ~ reach Jae

April 2015

        There are literally hundreds of Women’s Lands in the United States Some of these lands have provided homes to women and Lesbians for over 35 years.  Other lands are younger.  Lands are close to town and remote.  Are tenanted by both aging and young women.  Are owned privately and as nonprofits or trusts. and some dozens in other countries.

      To see annotated list of nearly 150 of these lands, consult your
50-page 2015 Maize Connections & Resources Directory, available from Jae for $17ppd or as part of you 4-issue annual subscription. Available as PDF or hard copy.
There are as many kinds of lands as there are lands.  On each land women consciously choose the values that inform their lives and choose the ways to live those values.
Ideally we have as many lands as possible so each woman can find the land that best matches her values and needs and, as important, where she can contribute as is most nourishing to her.

      Living and working in a range of neighborhood community to communal to intentional community environments, women have explored countless ways to learn better skills to live cooperatively, to communicate, to live in harmony with the Earth and neighbors, to make decisions and resolve problems and conflicts.  
     We have a great base of wisdom and experience.  We have lands that are paid for and developed.  We have lands that have been caringly tended and gardens that produce abundance.  We have friendship & ally relations with neighbors and activist groups.  Our women’s lands are a connected Webwork even though many women have not physically met.

Our lands provide spaces where women can come to learn, to connect, to celebrate, to be with the Earth, to live and to die.  We provide opportunities for women to expand and find more clarity about what they want in their lives and what they are in this life to do.

We want to make sure all of this is as much as possible preserved and passed on to succeeding generations. 

     Our mission with this WE&S Project is to provide a wide range of services and options to help women get to land, remain on land, make provisions for their land to be taken care of both physically and legally, and pass their land onto like-minded women.

We plan to provide a range of information and options as well as referral to credible advisors as women make provisions for their lands when they are incapable of doing the maintenance tasks, are unable to remain living there, or die.  Obviously, these decisions must be made carefully and with caring.  Obviously too the needs of and interests of the individual, her land as well as of WE&S and the women committing to do some part or all of the Administration must all be fully addressed and protected.

We have already been asked to possibly accept title to one land, to administer the land making sure that land needs are met, to assure on ongoing dependable presence of women on the land, to help organize the land as a home for aging women with a range of physical assistance needs, and to accept and distribute the monies designated in her will needed to maintain the land as home to aging women indefinitely.

We are currently exploring the range of questions that need to be addressed, the needs and wishes that need to be understood, the legal implications for everyone concerned, the wording and definition of terms that assure mutual understanding, the scope of responsibility and compensation, and the specific legal forms/ contracts to make sure all interests are fully and fairly addressed.  We plan to have this fully explored and contracts written as needed.

It is this kind of service that is essential and not provided by anyone else.  We want to preserve and expand on the marvelous accomplishments and connections on each land.

This is the inspiring scope and work of the Women’s Land Preservation Project.

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